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Just a oauth2 question

Hello im in dire need of addressing a issue im currently using oauth2 from discord api Discord Developer Portal with this said im attempting to use this method of scope here as well as obtaining the users access_token to add them to the server after logging in if said user is not in server already on discord, I need to perform a Implicit Grant Discord Developer Portal using the url but it seems im not having much luck trying to figure out how to setup a oauth2 or oauth of sorts to even work with this url how would one set a url like this up because i really just need to be able to call the access_token from url but also have the user logged in using my discord oauth2 login service DisList.Me Contributor Profile | Bubble which i can do with get data from url using a parameter of access_token but to get this url above working in a form i can even do anything with is my issue any tips tricks pointers or help would very much be appreciated im going on 5 days now attempting this smashing my head almost here :disappointed: