Looking to Sponsor increased native functionality

I have noticed a lot of my clients recently have been requesting native apps. It’s obvious that bubble’s Native solution is not perfect yet, but what the team at bubble has built for web apps is unbelievable and I am confident that what they could do for native would be great.
I get the feeling that a lot of others who use bubble could also benefit from more tools/documentation for native apps.

@emmanuel, I know you’ve stated before that native is far down on the bubble road map, but I also know that bubble has sponsored projects in the past.
I’m curious what dollar amount it would take to move native up the road map. I have a client willing to put in a few thousand and I bet the the community here would be willing to support.

Anyone else on the form interested in joining with me on this?

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I’d be willing to put money in for true native, but won’t spend a dime if it’s going to be webview, like it is today.

On the other hand, there are some other good tools currently out there for building native apps, and you can use Bubble as a backend on them. I can see a world where I’d prefer to spend my money for Bubble to work on performance and reliability than on native solutions.

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I one hundred percent agree. Right now I use creo for a lot of my iOS development because I can build much faster.
But looking at all that can be done with react-native, I think there is a lot that bubble could do.

Yes, We sure are

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I get the sense that structurally it would be a heavy load that would take Bubble off its core business model. Just guessing, but it’s what has been lurking in the subconcious mind.

…perhaps a strategic alliance with DropSource towards a unified development environment of sorts…


I imagine the Bubble team will build something like dropsource at some point that can easily integrate with Bubble web apps. I believe native is on the roadmap.

I’ll chip in. I get asked to build more native apps then desktop apps. 100% should be the priority to stimulate real platform growth.