New B Question about data

Ok im very very new to this - im having 1 issue so far - I dont seem to understand - Once I build this app and people download and use it how will they store and search the data in the app? I know with app developers i talked too not using Bubble they had to buy a program like Firebase… do i still need to do that or does Bubble do all of this?

Hi @cellbotics - welcome to Bubble!

Bubble will store your User’s data for you. That’s one of the (many) great things with Bubble - “one stop shopping” for your app development needs. All of the database design, UX and “logic” are included - as well as hosting and a vibrant user community who actively help each other.

If you haven’t seen the video “Saving stuff on the server”, check it out for starters (click the “Bubble Lessons” link below).