⌨ Keyboard Shortcuts for Workflow Actions - New Plugin from Zeroqode

Keyboard Shortcuts for Workflow Actions
This plugin will allow you to set keyboard shortcuts for your app specific actions, and even prevent default browser shortcuts i.e. override them

Now you can easily control your application by using keyboard only. Set your own keyboard shortcuts, to open/close menus, popus, submitting the forms and so. There won’t be any limits.

For details, screenshots and demos please visit

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode


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Looks like a really useful plugin for daily / weekly use type apps. Having keyboard shortcuts often contributes to a great UX for power users. Well done.


Thanks, Scott! Appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:


I have been using this plugin to setup a custom tab order on my app. It has worked great for this however I have located a bug I am hoping you can fix.

This bug is also present on the demo version of the application, let me explain:

Unbind is not working and throws the following error which I reproduced on your demo application, see here:

Currently I am using this to override the browser default but need to unbind and again allow browser defaults. When using the unbind all option I do not get the error but browser default is still being override

I can confirm this as once I disable the plugin and attempt to tab through inputs in my RG it works. Once I enable this plugin it will no longer work.

Hello, @coty

By this message, we would like to duplicate here our notification about the plugin upgrade, where the mentioned issue was fixed. Please upgrade it to the latest version (1.2.0) and give it a try :pray:
Unfortunately, this message was not duplicated in this thread and you may have missed the notification from our forum.

Here you can find the thread from our Zeroqode Forum, where our team notified users about the plugin upgrade:

Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team