Large Dynamic Hierarchal Input Form


I need to create a form that a user will fill out and depending on their choices (drop down or checkboxes) for the form to display new options (drop down or checkboxes).

For example, the first question they will be asked is to select a day of the week. Depending on what day they select, the second option would be to select an activity available on that day. Then they will need to select a location that activity is based in.

This will go on for some time until each choice narrows down another choice to its final option. All of this data will then need to be appended to a database already stored within my Bubble.

What is the best way to create this form? For example, create a large parent child database or use option sets etc…

Hi there, @yuli… if the choices you are providing to the user can’t be changed from the front end (for example, users aren’t able to add an activity that isn’t already a choice), then I would definitely go with options sets on this one. You can set up the dependencies between the option sets a number of ways using attributes on the sets, and you shouldn’t have any trouble displaying the dependent choices as the user fills out the form.

For a deeper dive on when to use option sets vs. custom data types, you can’t go wrong by checking out this video.

Hope this helps.


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