Latency in Asia

Does anyone have any experience of using Bubble apps in Asia, specifically countries like Singapore, Malaysion & Indonesia? Very interested in using Bubble but worried about speed/latency issues.


Hi, I am from Singapore.

I have just started with this program and I thought I was having problem with the responsive background image. It was getting all squished up when browser size was changed.

After scouring for tutorials, I have found out that it is actually a latency issue. I didn’t wait long enough earlier to realize that it corrected itself after a few moment :stuck_out_tongue:

The tutorial on Code Free Startup videos is all pretty smooth, but you can see mine in the video below.

I have no problem with my wifi to stream youtube videos or surfing other US sites.

Will there be a plan to find a solution for this issue?

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I’m in Korea. Bubble functions quite frictionlessly here.

I am facing this issue too! hope to have some way we can reduce latency. I did some check and found that it is around 300ms

I am from Singapore and I’m using Bubble for the last 2+ years. It seems to work fine most of the times. There are a few hick-ups where the editor gets non-responsive, but that’s very rare. My overall experience is been positive so far and the Bubble team is amazing in terms to improving the performance or fixing any issues we have faced.