LF Freelance Dev - Strong on Bubble optimization / speed / SEO

Hi all,

I’m looking for someone that can complement some of the work that I’m already doing in Bubble. There are things that I just don’t know how to do yet and would rather pass along to someone that’s more experienced and knows exactly what they’re doing so that I can focus on some other aspects of the business.

Our web app is currently quite straightforward. It’s a directory with reviews and LinkedIn-based SSO.

I’m looking for someone that can do most of their work on optimizing the web app to improve performance and efficiency as SEO will be a big aspect of this project.

When reaching out, I’d love to see some examples of what you’ve done to help achieve what I’m referring to.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi @nunesr

I would like to help you with this job. Can we discuss next steps in PM?

Alex Uniwaid Team