Lightspeed Retail API

Hi there,
I am attempting to build a plugin that will allow me to fetch data and also use bubble workflows to push/create data in Lightspeed Retail using their API.
The parts I am struggling with are: the access token and refresh token. How in the plugin builder to I implement the access token and refresh token as well as the private key they grant me. I am also confused on how to create workflows to push data / create data in lightspeed via the API. I see the space to build workflows with javascript, but the API only supports shell, python and php.

Here’s the API documentation:

If someone could shed some light it would be greatly appreciated.


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Hey @gareth_eyre, how did you go with this?

I’m looking to do the same!

:gem: :raised_hands: Can’t wait to eee it!

I’d start here. The docs are pretty well lined up for you. You could use the api connector for it all, it would appear.

Thanks @jared.gibb!

I haven’t worked with APIs before but have coding experience.

Will I be able to wrap my head around it pretty easy?