Searchbox like functionality with input field

As you can see in the uploaded picture, i am using an input field as a searchbox, i have made a repeating group which shows the records in my database

The problem i am facing is that I am unable to select the displayed result and be able display it in the input field as the default searchbox does.

Additonally, i would like to pull the customer related data (e.g. Name,Type,CIty) from database and show it in the below input fields when i select the customer number in the RG.

Please let me know how i can solve this problem.

The reason i am using a input field (text number only )instead of searchbox is that i want numeric keyboard to appear when the user touches the input field on mobile devices.

Secondly, although My app is multilingial, i want to restrict users to enter numbers in english numerals only, which only possible when i use the input field instead of Searchbox.

If there is a way to restrict the searchbox to only accept english numerals, that would work too as a solution.

Hi @Shubi :wave:

  1. Place you Input field inside a group (Let’s call this group “Input-Group”);
  2. Click in your input field and create a custom state on it:
  • Customer (Type = Customer)
  1. As your input field’s Initial Content write This Input's Customer's MOB

  2. When you click in one element of your repeating group, create a workflow with two actions:

  • Change the custom state of the input field to the selected Customer
  • Reset Group/Popup → Input-Group

See if this solves the first issue.

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