Limit number of apps per user (alternative cost-saving measure for Bubble)

Also in response to Bubble’s pricing issues, for quite a while I’ve wondered why Bubble allows you to create a limitless number of apps without additional charge. If Bubble somehow wants to cut/limit costs on users (which I can imagine), why doesn’t it set a limit on the number of apps you can create? For example, as part of my back-up procedure, I often create a duplicate of my main app. For me, it would be fine if there would be a limit to this (now I have a string of about 15 duplicates, and there’s no real reason to delete any of them). I’m not sure what the costs of storage are to Bubble and if this would make a real difference, but to me it would be fine (and reasonable) to be limited to for example 10 (or even 5) apps per account (and possibly pay a premium for anything on top of that). This would be a reasonable change to Bubble’s pricing model, whereas this WU-change is definitely more problematic in its current form (to me, but most of to users who create freemium-apps).