Number of users

Hi all,
I could not understand if Bubble charges companies for the number of users.
Let’s say we are a startup that may have thousands of users. Are we charged for each or each 100 or 1000 users that connect to the created app?

Thank you

I think the limit is by the computing load of your app… so that depends of how heavy your app is

If you start overloading your app because of many users you can add capacity by changing plans (hobby, professional, etc), so you pay as you go…

you can check this on the “pricing” section

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No. Bubble does not charge based on number of app users.

As suggested above, more information about their plans is available on their pricing page.

Thank you.
Confirmed: there is currently no limit to the number of logged in app users on any of the plans; these limits only apply to editors who can edit and manage your app in Bubble.

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