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Link a new member to a team

Hi all.
I’m building an online human resource network, with which there will be a function that an agent will have his own team and he’ll invite the new members to sign as his team member. Last time someone offered me a solution to let the team leaders send invitation emails to members, however using email is not a perfect solution for my case.
I created 1 data filed name “invitation code” under the data type “team”, and for the new members when they register they need to fill in the invitation code given by the team leader, and this unique id will define the team they belong to.
Then I went to the signing up workflow, team= do a search for, set new constrain, invitation code = input invitation code’s value, but the system error said “team is a list of teams”. Is there a solution to define the uniqueness of team invitation code, or any other solutions for this situation?

Thanks a lot!

Hi there, @jiaqizhou61… if I understand your post correctly, I think you are missing the :first item operator after your search expression. So, try adding that operator to the end of the search and see if you get the desired result. If I have missed the mark here, maybe post some screenshots so we can get a better idea of what’s going on.