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Hi there, I’m creating a website for music distribution where user creates releases and upload audio tracks and submit. I have created two databases, one for “releases” which includes album art, title, upc, release date. And one for “tracks” which includes includes file upload for the track, track title, ISRC. How can I make it so when the the user create a release and upload audio tracks with their info(isrc, title) it links to the release title and UPC?


On the track data type create a field for release. This way every track will point back to the release which it’s a part of.

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Thank you for your reply it worked. But how can I make the tracklist show under its own release in repeating group? So when user click on the release that they made it will show the tracklist for that release not every tracklist in the database created by the user. Thanks.

I assume you’re displaying tracks in a repeating group, correct? If so, in this repeating group where you’re doing a search for the tracks, just add a constraint to only search for tracks related to the relevant release. How you do this depends on how you have your elements structured. If you have a whole page dedicated to the release, then the constraint would be Release = current page Release. If you have nested repeating groups with tracks inside of releases then the constraint would be Release = Parent group’s Release

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I can’t thank you enough for your help everything is working as I was planning. Thank You!

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