Link databases to display data

Dear Bubble-ers,

I’m struggling to find a solution to the following challenge:

I have a recipe database with a “recipe’s restaurants” field, which is a “List of Restaurants” field type.
Also, the user (database) has a “Restaurants” field - “List of Restaurants” field type.
And the Restaurants database itself.
With the restaurant’s name as the primary field.

I can easily set the field to a record of “List of Restaurants”, in recipes and users, but I’m struggling to link them and say “I want that x user can see only the recipes of her restaurant(s).”

Until now I’ve tried conditions with no success…

Thanks in advance

The RG shoul be of type recipe if you want to display recipe.
I also suggest you to have a link to Recipe Database in Restaurant DB instead. It will be easier to filter directly from the request the list of recipes
This will give: Current user’s restaurant’s recipes.

Using your actual setting, you need to do a Search for and: filtering with advanced filtering that will be set like This recipe restaurant list:intesect with current user’s restaurant list: count is not 0

Because you are using a search and filtering after, this mean that all recipes will be loaded before filtering. This will slowdown your app/data loading.

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Thank you @Jici! It took me a few trials and time but I’m done. It really works. I had other understanding of “linking” databases now, which seems more seamless and “elegant”. :star_struck:

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