Triggering a Link Through Workflow

I am trying to link to an external website, but I discovered that the “Open External Website” action within the Workflow doesn’t allow you to open the site in a new window or tab, which is extremely annoying.

I know I can use a Link to do that, but because of how I have an API setup, I can’t have the user click the link to go to the external site. The URL they will be sent to comes from the API, which I don’t want triggered unless they actually click the element. I really need to find a way for the action of going to the external site (and opening a new tab to do it) to happen through a workflow.

Any thoughts?

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Hi @david62

  • Install the “toolbox” plugin
  • Upon a click of a UI element run the plugin action called “run javascript” and add the following:‘’,’_blank’)

That should do the trick :wink:


Perfect! Thanks.