Link is forcing me to send data?

I have a normal internal link but my editor says I have ‘issues’ which need to be resolved. It is suggesting I ‘must’ attach data? I don’t want to send any data, I just want it to direct to an internal page.

That happens because the page you’re navigating to is expecting a data type to be passed. What is the data type of the page you want to go to?

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If your page has a defined content-type (which it must do if it’s showing up red) then you have to define what data entry for that particular datatype you want to send to the page, otherwise the page won’t know what data to display.

So you need to specify the database entry of the content-type associated with your dashboard-settings page.

Commonly, page content types are used for displaying dynamic pages based on database entries for things like public user profiles, products, courses, locations, etc. - anything where you want to have a specific page for each database entry.

Without knowing the details of your app I can’t really comment, but I can’t see any reason why a dashboard-settings page would want, or need, a content-type defined, and the fact that you don’t want to send any data to the page suggests that there is no need for it here.

So just remove the content-type from the dashboard-settings page (but note that if anything on that page refers to the page’s content type you’ll need to redefine the data source for those elements).

Otherwise you need to define the specific database entry to send to the page in your link.

No data type. See image below, that is the page I am going to. It’s just a normal page.

Ah, I’ve fixed it, to be honest I am not sure how but I think I must have had a data type somewhere which is now gone.

Thanks @ adamhholmes for your detailed response. I’ve fixed it, to be honest I am not sure how but I think I must have had a data type somewhere which is now gone. Your reply was useful as it taught me a bit more about the topic so thanks again.

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On the off chance that your page has a characterized content-type (which it should do assuming it’s appearance up red) you need to characterize what information passage for that specific datatype you need to ship off the page, in any case the page will not understand what information to show.

So you need to indicate the data set passage of the substance type related with your dashboard-settings page.

Usually, page content sorts are utilized for showing dynamic pages dependent on information base sections for things like public client profiles, items, courses, areas, and so forth - anything where you need to have a particular page for every data set passage.

@padol33359 what?