Link resetting password doesn't go to the reset_pw page

When resetting the password, the link that is sent to the email goes to the main page and not to the reset_pw page as it should. How to fix this?

Link received in email:

Thanks for your attention and reply.
I followed your video and it still doesn’t work.
I found that the default pages “reset_pw” and “404” are having some problem, because it’s not possible to even use the “preview”, both go to the “index”. Any suggestion?

I just tried previewing the reset_pw page on mine and it resulted in the same thing as you’re describing but then I tried editing the url manually (i.e. changing to and it worked.

Are you sure you followed the video exactly? Send a screenshot of your two actions

When I edit my direct link in the browser address bar, it works.
The link sent by the email has changed and appears to be correct, however, the user clicking on this link continues to go to the “index” page.

Attached are the two images.

You’re missing the “?reset=”. Look back at the video carefully.

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Actually, I think all you need is result of step 1. No need to recreate the url. I think Bubble already handles it. Let me know if that works @tupandistribution :blush: I’m doing this from memory but I can check in the morning to see if that is how it actually works. I might be thinking of the Magic Link.

Otherwise, you might need the LONG ID like the bubble docs state here: Account - Bubble Docs

Hello Paul,

Sorry! In fact, I did it with “?reset=” and without it to verify that it was at least opening the page. However, when I took a screenshot of my last change that had removed the “?reset=” and I didn’t notice.

As it still wasn’t working, I kept deleting, testing and returning elements from the page, because I noticed that with another page it worked and only with this one it didn’t. I found that when I deleted the “Sign up or Login” button it worked! That is, there was some kind of conflict internally that did not allow opening the page, perhaps for an obvious reason: A button with workflow for login and sign up in a password reset workflow.

I believe this information may be relevant any way.

Thank you very much for your attention and help, even because I preferred and used the option of the video you sent, due to better customization!


My page is having this same exact situation. I can’t even preview the reset_pw page. It simply redirects to the index page. When you say you “edit the url manually,” what do you mean?

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