Linkedin API Connector Problem

Someone can help me pls?

Im using this tutorial: How to create a sign-in via LinkedIn and collect the primary email address on Bubble | by Shenal Harakh | Medium
but i had some problems:

1- When putting r_emailadress in scopes, i receive the error “unknown scope error” so i tried with just “email” scope and it worked. (But i dont know with this will bring more errors)

2- When i try to set up this call:

(Already checked and has no typing errors)
I received this error:

“Raw response for the API
Status code 403
{“serviceErrorCode”:100,“message”:“Not enough permissions to access: GET-members /clientAwareMemberHandles”,“status”:403}”

Someone have any ideia, plsssss??? I’ve been working for 3 days trying to fix this but nothing worked

Some pics:

Hey @contatotrcsolutions ,
Point to in User profile endpoint
Use r_emailaddress instead of email and it will work.

And most importantly check the box “Use a generic redirect URL”.