LinkedIn API Connector

Why is it that when you connect to LinkedIn API v2 and your scope includes: r_liteprofile,r_emailaddress,w_member_social

I can get the user’s first name, last name, and email address, etc. however, if I create a physical user for that in the database, and send the user a password. If they go and try and login with linkedin I get an error:

 We cannot link your account to this email because there is already an account for this email

Using a social network and the standard bubble login will be handled differently.

The social network will need the ‘sign in using social network’. This will create the user, or if exists, sign the user in. This replaces the default bubble behavior. So, therefore you can’t use the create user or send a password to them.

Actually the login with social network is what is throwing the error.

The standard bubble plugin only makes a blank record entry into the database, which is not very helpful, as you need to query the api for info, albeit the standard bubble linkedin plugin only provides the user user’s name.

If you use the API calls you can get email address, first/last name, profile picture, and may even be able to get their tagliine (haven’t checked that). However, if you create a user account for that user based on the information you have from the API’s, like so (could also use “Sign Up user” instead of “Create an account for someone else”, both produce the same entry in the database, except Sign Up User requires a password and the latter allows you to send the user a password .

However, the next time the user comes to the site and clicks Login with LinkedIn we get the error:
We cannot link your account to this email because there is already an account for this email


And the reason you want the data in the databse is that it is less latency than constantly pinging LinkedIn for the data, which has a price if you have multiple pages. This is not much of an issue on a single page app, however, if you have lots of layers with lots of data, this can have its own latency on loading.

So I would really rather load email, first, last name, profile picture, into the USER database. So not sure how to fix this…


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