Linking two types of data

I am creating a booking app.

I have a database called “ibraries” which contains fields such as:
· Name of the library
· Address of the library
· Total seats
· Free seats
· Occuppied seats
· Map (image)

I also have a database called “Seats” containing the following fields:
· Seat table (letter i.e. A)
· Seat number (number i.e. 2)
· Seat Name (combination of letter and number: i.e. 2A)
· Library (name of the library that the seats belong to)

I created a page that allows you to select the library you want. It shows the map, number of seats, etc. Once the user clicks on the “Reserve a seat” button, I want to navigate to a page that shows a list with all the seats of the library so the user can select the seat they want.

However, I dont know how to send this information or how to link these two databases.

Can anyone help?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks for your post! This may be possible if you are displaying the seats in a repeating group, for example, to search for all the seats where the library field = the library the user selected (whether that’s saved in the database, a custom state, or is the current page thing). You can also check out some more tips for connecting data types with each other and how to return results here. Let us know if that helps or if you have any more questions!

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