Linking User to Company Type to only return valid fields in repeating group

Very new to Bubble but looking to do the following…

I have 3 types

  • User
  • Company
  • Projects

I have created data for each of them so Company field of company type exists in User and Company field (of company type) exists in Projects.

I want to return only the projects that are therefore relevant to user & company in a repeating group - however when I try this it returns ones that belong to all companies not just the relevant company.

I am sure this is very basic but I dont seem to be able to figure out how to restrict this. If there is a video that might help I have not found this.

Any help would be appreciated.

You will need to use “Do a search for” when you set the Data Source for the repeating group

Thats what I was doing but it still returns everything in the project table rather than just the ones that are associated with the company that the logged in user wants is assigned too.

Cant imagine this is hard I just not sure if this should filter automatically or if you need to someone say ‘only pull back records that are relevant for user?’