Links to S3 Files In Email

I have a workflow that generates and sends out an email. I have links in the email that link to files on S3. However, the links to the files stored on the S3 do not work when viewed on mobil email and some desktop email clients.

Im using bbcode to create the links. Is there something special I need to do to make the links more compatible.


Do you need to put https:. In front of it?

I ran into a similar problem. First off i was using bubbles’ multi-input.

  1. Create a new text input and make it hidden by default
  2. make the default value of the text input the ‘multi-inputs’ value or whatever file uploader you are using
  3. when creating a new ‘thing’ on the workflow you have to use the value of the text input then i used “find and replace” and i find //s3 and replace it with http://s3

So it will save the list of links but actually giving them the HTTP:// they need in the URL. i had to do this for my sendgrid emails. seems to work fine. hope this helps!

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