List from data not showing in preview?

It should show Mario kart in the first cell but its blank I don’t understand why. I set the display source to Online&Combat which contains a value but is returning nothing. The repeating group is a text type which should be correct in order to display a text list. As I set Online&Combat as a list. Please help?

It doesn’t look like there’s anything inside your repeating group?

have you added any visual elements?

So my repeating group in the editor has nothing inside, it is simply just a repeating group to show the values from the database, is there supposed to be something inside? I didn’t add any visual elements, don’t know what that means. The second image shows that values of the online&combat cell should directly be displayed in the repeating group text right?

You won’t see anything on your page if there are no visual elements.

You need to add elements to your page in order to display things (i.e. add a text element to display text, an image element to display an image, a button, a shape etc.)

Try checking out the Bubble manual if you’re still unsure about basic things like elements.

Elements - Bubble Docs

Oh I see, so I’ll just add a text box inside the repeating group and that’s it? I had thought about that but I looked over it as I thought the repeating group that was set to text content would automatically display texts.