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List is empty. How do I show database entries

Whatever I do I can’t get my list of “thing” to show up.

I use Repeating Group and set content type to “thing”. I also tried to set Data source to “search for things”.

Still the list is empty:

Make sure to add the necessary constraints, like “created by=current user”.

This is a dumb question, but did you add any text to the cells to reference the Thing? If you don’t have anything in the cell, you won’t see anything. Could you show us the editor?

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Yeah, ok cool. You need to add a text item to the very first row. In the Content of the text, you want to Add Dynamic Content, where you can specify “current cell’s Thing’s name” or whatever other thing you want to show.

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I dont see Add Dynamic Content anywhere


Add a text item to the first cell, press “insert dynamic data” in the inspector where it says “…edit me…” :slight_smile: