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Hi all,

I have a data type A, with two fields: B and C.
A (indicator data), B (indicator dates), and C (indicator values)

I currently have a single entry in the A data just for testing.

I have a list of dates in B, and a list of numbers in C. The count on each is exactly the same, I checked. see below.

I feed the data into the Amchart plugin, the data feeds in no problem.

I then have the chart below:

The first datapoint on the far left is correct and lines up with the correct date, it is only when I zoom in to the most recent date on the far right, that the final data point is showing under april 18 instead of november 18. the X axis values don’t seem to line up with the Y axis dates.

I have tried everything to remove this issue but nothing works. I don’t think the issue is from the data lists because it is pulling it no problem, it could be that bubble doesn’t pick up that there is the same number of items in each lists but does not link them to each other.
If that is the case, Do I have to create a single entry for each datapoint against each date (no lists). I pull the data from an API, and I could not figure out how to convert a list into a table of numbers against dates.

So far the list is pretty handy for me and it will allow me to move my app forward, but the charting is key.

Thank you for your time.

Update: The problem is in the data, the list will delete any duplicate numbers with the same value. Seems to be the default in bubble, anything you put in a list cannot have twice the same value.

For example, list is 1,2,3,4,3,5.
when you save as a list it will only take 1,2,3,4,5 (not the two 3s).

Glad I identified the issue, but still have no clue how to go about it.

Is there a workaround? If not, anybody recommend ow I should structure my data?

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