Populating database with dynamic checkbox

Hello, please assist. I’m struggling to populate a database with a repeating group of dynamic checkboxes from a “Save” button:

  1. Authentic if the checkbox item has already been added to the database for the user
  2. If not, add each new item(s) to the database
  3. if a checkbox has been unchecked (that was previously checked)- remove item from the db

Thank you

There are some contextual variables that may change the approach here, but in general, if your checkboxes refer to a list of things that relate to a single database field, the setup would be as follows:

  • Create a custom state on the parent level repeating group that is a list of things
  • Create a workflow so that when the checkbox value is changed “only when->this checkbox is checked” → add item to custom state
  • Create the opposite workflow so that when the checkbox value is changed “only when->this checkbox isn’t checked” → remove item from custom state.
  • Create a workflow on a save button outside of the repeating group that says when the button is clicked → make changes to a thing → DB field list of things set list custom state list of things
  • Lastly, to make sure that your checkboxes populate with default values, set a page is loaded workflow that will set the custom state to be equal to the existing list of things from the database.

I hope this helps!

Thanks Sam, thank you for taking the time to respond.

All is working well according to your process above. A “custom state”, in my head, is an old fashioned #TempTable. I am populating the custom state/temp table and adding and removing checked selections successfully.

The last step - (point 4 above) - I am struggling to populate a data table for each of the selected checked items, through a “save selection” button/workflow- e.g. each selection listed in the custom state should populate a new row in a table, if the record does not exist already. (I don’t want the custom state list to be populated into a single row).

If I use :first item / :last item as a test the data is saved in the db but not every item in the custom state.

Thanks again


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