List of elements in RG's

Hi Bubblers!

I need your help regarding a RG data type (list) display.

For transport company purposes, the USERS (witch are drivers) send REPORTS related to their TRUCK.

REPORTS are a data type with 20+ data fields and TRUCKS are an other data type with 20+ data fields.

Then i created a data field “Reports” (type: REPORTS) inside of my TRUCK database (no list).

The objective there is to display inside of a RG the last 10 REPORTS (or a few fields of these ones) related to a TRUCK

Doesn’t work because Reports inside of TRUCK datatype is a single thing. So my RG only takes the last report created.

I also tried to create the exact same thing, but to put the data field* “Reports” (type: REPORTS) inside of my TRUCK database as a LIST.

There might be my solution, but i can’t find the right way to put my conditions/workflow.

If i put for example : Parents Group’s Truck’s Reports’s Driver’s :each item, it displays all yes, but on the same row .

Does anyone have an idea?


You were on the right track adding reports as a list within the Truck Data type.

Assuming this page type of content is Truck and you are looking at one Truck at a time, the Repeating group source would be, "Current’s page truck Reports"

What would be helpful is to share a screenshot of your RG source.

Let me know if it worked :slight_smile:

@benoit.devilliers thanks for your reply man,

So it’s a bit more complicated than that, because i have other types of vehicules than just TRUCK.

My page has no type of content, instead, it displays all the RG’s of all of my vehicule’s types.

Talking about TRUCK, here’s how it works:

On page you have the TRUCKS’s RG

When you click on the Current cell’s Camion’s Immat Blue BUTTON, a popup opens up with all of this particular truck’s infos, see below:

I of course use a “display data in Popup + RG Groupworkflow.

But now my “Reports” data field inside of TRUCKS is a LIST, the options that i have are different and i can’t find the solution to display each reports in different rows.

I think you will need a RG that display your Truck Reports, and then you can select one of that report and display its data on the side. I suggest you use a state to select a specific report.

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