"Split" list into each cell in RG


I am saving a list of car brands as a list by “setting” list in a database field in a data type.

On another page i want to display these car brands for a seperate “field” in an RG.

This would be easy if the car brands was the whole point of each field in the RG, but…

I have multiple things other than the “car brands” as lists, i also want to display as part of each RG field. The issue is that all car brands are show in ONE RG field, and not in its own

Help please

PS: The way im displaying all of them in 1 field right now is by: “each items car brand”. I CAN for example use “first items” and it only shows one. I want them to be split up


What are the other lists you are displaying in the RG? It would be an easier workaround if you could create an overarching data type that has definitions of “car brands” and the other lists in it. Then you could just set the RG data type to this new data type.

If that is not doable, then I would suggest creating a group in the RG of type “car brand” and define its source as a search of car brands item # of which cell the group is in. Like this, just instead of “comment” it would be “car brand”:

Hope this helps!