Center and load current user location

Hi all,

I created a workflow as the image attached below and I have a map in the visual. The map doesn’t centre at current user’s location but stuck at New York city in the preview. May I know what went wrong in my workflow?

Thanks a lot!


Hi JC :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum! Can you share a link to the app editor? Or some more screenshots of the property settings of the map and the Adjust Zoom action?

Hi Faye, thanks so much for willing to help. I am not sure if the link below works. Otherwise, can you please let me know how I can share the link to the app editor?

No problem at all! :slight_smile: And that is the correct link! The only other step in order for me to access the app is to temporally set the app to Public (it’s currently private). You can do this by going to Settings --> General --> Application Rights --> Everyone Can Edit (or View).

Done @fayewatson Thanks!

Got it! :slight_smile: It looks like the center action is happening correctly (as long as you allow Chrome or your browser to obtain your current geographic location). Is this not the case on yours? (Note: Though the center action occurs, it will not display a red map marker unless you specify in the map element that a map marker should be displayed. Is this what you are trying to set up?)

The centre action didn’t work on my browser (Safari), it kept showing New York. Only the zooming is adjustable (as I change the zooming numbers, it works when I preview the app).

Maybe I will try with different browser! Thanks Faye

@kjiachen Ohh, I see! Yes, on mine it starts on New York as well, and then the browser asks this:


Once I clicked “Allow” the map re-centered correctly. (This was on Google Chrome and Google Chrome Incognito).

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