List Shifter Rotate Animation

I use List Shifter to handle horizontal rotation of repeating group. It works for rotation, but there is no animation

Is there a way to define the animation? or is it something we cannot do in current version of List Shifter?

@keith any thoughts?

I’m just amazed you can make an animation like that!

Well, no. (Not in List Shifter.) List Shifter gives you the ability to change the order of items in an array. That array object is simply changed to be in the new order.

When you display the contents of that array in some visual element (e.g., a repeating group or simply as text) the visual element just updates.

It was my hope that folks would build new types of visual elements that would play well with List Shifter (especially once List Shifter’s page mode was made available), but alas I’m not aware of any.

I’m actually (quite slowly mind you) working on a new visual element for use as a list visualizer/item selector/button array, since RG’s are so dreadfully awful in the performance department and your idea is a cute one. But once I do release that (it will be part of the “Parallels” plugin) it will be fairly bare-bones at first (though it does do mouseover/selected animations).

I did at one point consider making List Shifter a visual element, but thought better of it as it’s best not to conflate computation and visualization, which is the cardinal sin of which Repeating Groups are guilty.


Thank you for your answer. I just realized how List Shifter works is by changing the order of the list, and repeating group just displaying everything from List Shifter.

I was about to send an email to ask you but thought I can ask you here. :slight_smile:

Hi there!
Did you fins a way to animate this?

See my previous reply, eh?

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