List with blank entries

I’m uploading a csv with a list of numbers where say items 3, 7, and 12 may be blank for now. Bubble rejects because the blank space is of course not a number (type is number). Is there any way to get the list uploaded so I don’t have to enter the data manually?

Can’t you just insert zeros into your csv prior to upload?

I could but I would have to manually remove all the zeros after upload. The info is displayed to our users as blank to show nothing has been calculated yet for those future dates. Showing zero would indicate to them it has been calculated and the result was 0.

There is a solution to this. But first a quick question. Is zero a possible outcome after the entry has been updated?

Yes, zero is a possible outcome after entry has been updated.

Thank you for taking the time to assist me with this!

I considered entering a dash “-” but I don’t think the system will accept that since it isn’t a number.

The hash won’t work.

Here’s how I address this problem (I have multiple situations where I have to address):

  • Add a common column in both your CSV and data type called something like hasUpdated and make it yes/no in your app.
  • For each entry in your CSV that is blank make hasUpdated no and then make it zero. Make all other entries in your CSV hasUpdated yes.
  • Then in your app when the field is updated change hasUpdated to yes.
  • Add a condition to your text field where you display the field that says “when hasUpdated is no text is blank”