Can't upload CSV with boolean fields


When uploading data as CSV, I keep running into an error:
There was an error analyzing your data: No doesn't look like a real boolean. Please check: this is the entry number 0

I’ve tried “No”, “no”, “0”, and “false”. They’ve all failed with the same error.

What’s the correct way to represent a boolean for CSV uploads?

Hi @iris :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum! I just tried uploading a CSV with a boolean column and it worked using “Yes” “No” “True” and “False”. Can you share a few screenshots of your CSV, and your app’s data structure? (Can PM me this if you prefer!)

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Hi @fayewatson,

Thanks for the reply. I just realized what I was doing wrong. I had spaces after each comma. So the values I was trying were actually more like " No". Once I got rid of those extra spaces, the file upload worked!


Awesome!! So glad to hear it’s working now! :slight_smile: