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[SOLVED] Content format error on autobinding

I’m using an input field to populate a dropdown list for users to add choices to. Everything works but…
Normally, in the property editor for an input field you have:

Initial content
Content format

I turned on autobinding for the input field and fields change to:

Field to modify [list of choices]
Content format [text]

The error checker instantly throws error “input Add new choice - “text” is not a possible option”.

However, that’s locked in and the dropdown in the editor field shows:

The DB fields are configured as:
List of choices [list of texts]
choices [text]

The same issue arise for every content format chosen. If I uncheck autobinding, and choose a different content format, the issue persists.

A bug?

It could be, can you file a bug report?

Sure thing. I’ll get on it. (Y)

EDIT: sent

So this isn’t a bug, the issue is that you’re trying to modify by autobinding a field that is a list of texts. Inputs can’t return a list of texts, so you can’t use autobinding here.

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Hold on @JohnM. It’s not [SOLVED] untiI I get it. I’ll change the topic headline thanks.

Hmm. Sorry but I’m not following. Should I assume you meant to say “you CAN’T use autobinding here”? In that case, it makes more sense. :slight_smile: I can’t use auto-binding because an input field can’t modify a list of something, only single fields, correct? Therefore, auto-binding doesn’t work.

I do have a workflow in place, adding the input to the list of texts when the input field is changed. I guess that’s why it works then. (Which also teaches others a good lesson. Use EITHER autobinding OR workflow, never both.)

Then I understand. As an additional note, I thought the error was a format issue (expected vs received). That’s what the error checker says (see above), but really, that’s not the case. It should advise that autobinding’s not a possibility in this case, or ideally, maybe even not allow “field to modify” to be a list of something.

Pls let me know if I missed something.

Yes can’t, was a typo…


Got it now then.

Hi @emmanuel

Auto-binding “lists of” is something that is not possible now or not possible ever?

Asking this because I need to take it into account for my overall DB design strategy before I continue.


I think the multi select element let’s you modify such field but can you test?

Seems not possible or I don’t know how :frowning:

Something weird just happened. Now I’m able with the Single Dropdown. Have you pushed anything?
@emmanuel whatever you have done you are the man.
I can confirm that now auto-binding works with “Lists of” :slight_smile:

@JonL Not working for me. Can you share a screenshot.

I have a list of numbers but when I configure an input field to autobind with it - the only content format available is text.

See screenshot:


Sorry my case was about the Dropdown Input. Don’t have screenshots for your issue. I will take a look however.


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@pranjal This isn’t going to work for a list field. It’s meant to autobind 1 value. It’s better to do this in a workflow and use the “set list” modifier to update (replace) a list. You could also try the multitag drop down element (plugin), but I haven’t tried with content format as numbers (only Things).

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@romanmg thanks!

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