Live app not displaying my opening screen

Hi All. I hope someone can help. I have my first App gone live today, but when I go to the site all I get is the following screen and not the first page of my app. This is the same when I preview my app in live. How do I get my first page as the page which shows when someone goes to my page? The page is

Thank you

Hi there, @stanley2… if I understand your post correctly, it seems like you left your index page alone when you created your app, and you created a new page as your “first page” that you want to display as your home page. If that is correct, go to your first page in the editor, right-click anywhere on the page itself (not on any elements on the page), and select the Make this page the new index option. Then, deploy your app to live, and you should be good to go.

Hope this helps.


Thank you Mike

I really appreciate you getting back to. I managed to sort it out (don’t ask me how :slight_smile:

Can I take a chance here and ask - do you perhaps know how to set up bubble so that it works with sendgrid?

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