Deploying to Live not updating DB records made in Dev Mode

I have no issues in my issue checker, but when I deploy to Live, new database records I create in Development mode aren’t making the jump. My version history shows the deployments, but the records themselves aren’t transferring over.

Hi there, @lorenschiller… deploying your app to live only deploys changes to the data types, but it has no effect on the data itself. If you want the data that is in the development database to appear in the live database, click the red Copy and restore database link on the App data tab to copy the data from development to live. It should go without saying that you need to be careful with this feature because you are overwriting the live database, but I will say it anyway… be careful with this feature because you are overwriting the live database!

Hope this helps.


Thanks @mikeloc. Fan of your concise responses to other Bubblers so appreciate your take on this. I definitely want to avoid overwriting because I am creating a trivia app. Those “new records” are questions and answers-sets, but definitely do not want to erase beta testers’ existing user scores and game records in order to add new Q+A. I’m just confused because the Live DB mirrors the Dev DB up until 1/23, and then all new Q+A created after is only in Dev DB. So syncing stopped. Is there a way to selectively “add” new unplayed Q+A (that don’t have any associated User scores) to Live DB, so existing scores/games don’t get affected? Thank you!

The development and live databases don’t ever sync on their own, so I’m not sure what you mean there. How are you creating the new questions and answers? Are you creating them directly in the development database?

To answer your question, no, you cannot selectively copy records from a data type in the development database into the live database. You can create records directly in the live database through the editor, but I assume that’s not what you want here.

Yes, I am writing the question and answers directly in Dev Database as I am also testing that the game flow incorporates them properly. I was of understanding one always “works” in Dev Mode and deploys Live (which is read-only, no?) when ready for users to access your changes.

Live is read-only for app changes, but you can change data in live through the editor or by using the aforementioned copy feature.

So essentially, for the specific use-case of my app, I should have been creating new Q+A in Live and not Dev? And the only way to bring in Q+A created in Dev is to rewrite them all by hand? :man_facepalming:

Essentially, yes and yes, if I have understood everything correctly in this thread.

How did you get the initial questions and answers from development into live? Again, there is no automatic sync, so you must have been using the copy feature to copy data over to live.

It was over 2 weeks ago since 1/23 (last time Dev and Live DB matched up) so yeah that must be what I did. You’ve been tremendously helpful here. I think the way forward since I’ve barely beta tested is to Copy and Restore. I’ll double and triple check this though. Thanks Mike – you’re the man for taking the time here. :raised_hands:

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