Livetext trigger workflow?

Hi guys, I’m trying to build a user search box, with a input box and a repeating group to show the matching users. when I click on one of the user showed in the matched result, that user’s name appears on the input box. To achieve this I set a customed state called selected, when a cell of the repeating group is clicked set that state to “yes”, and when the input’s value changed again, set the state back to no.

For obvious reason it just won’t work(after the 1st time you clicked on a cell), you’ll need to input a value and hit enter or click outside of the box to show the result. I tried using plugins like instant text or keystroke to do this. Bear with me if this sounds very basic issues, but how do I trigger a workflow with livetext? They are not inputs, how do I monitor its value and trigger a workflow? Please help.

Try this plugin.

Thank you but my issue is not search and match, it’s the input trigger.

To put it simply, input’s value is changed trigger workflow won’t work unless you click outside of the box or click enter.

This is a better plugin to get the input’s value instantly

Then you need a User custom state, and you need to set the input box’s default value to the custom state’s User’s Name

When you click the User from the list, set the custom state to the user, but the important part is you need to put the input box in a group then do “Reset a group/popup” action and reset that group, so you force the input box to the default value (the custom state’s user’s name)

I don’t think you need the “When input’s value changes” cause your repeating group can just use the WatchInput’s value for the search constraint.

Thanks @tylerboodman, the thing is once I click on a user in the repeating group, that user’s name appears in the input box, all of those are fine and I did exactly that.
The reason why I need a state to store whether a cell is clicked is because I want to hide the repeating group once it’s clicked. Then bring it back when I edit my selected value, that’s when the issue occurs. Hope I’m more clear?

So when they click the button, have you tried just do the “Hide an element” action and picking the RG? (or the floating group parent of the RG)

Then do “Show an element” when the WatchInput’s value changes.

@tylerboodman That could do as well, but I don’t know can you really trigger workflow when WatchInput’s value changes? In my case I use instant text and keystroke, the element is livetext and inputmonitor, those elements are not input elements, you can’t do value change with them can you? Or do I miss something here?

@tylerboodman I get what you said now, now it’s working, man I feel so dumb, thank you!

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