Load and Traffic Capability

Hi there.

I am about to build a somewhat simplistic form to capture information with regards to Covid-19 at a University campus which will be accessed by roughly 20k students on a daily basis.

It would be great to have an indication on whether Bubble.io would be able to handle this traffic on a daily basis, and what would be the best plan to utilise for this - Professional or Production?

Insight on pricing for additional server capacity would help a lot in the budgeting process! I fear of being in a scenario where I need to increase my pricing with the client on such a simplistic project.

Thanks in advance!

HK :slight_smile:

Hi there, @hemansu.keeka… maybe someone will jump in here with there own experience, but you can’t go wrong by checking out this Bubble blog post on the subject…


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Hi Mike,

Thanks for this, will definitely check it out.

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