Load repeating group data depending on which button is clicked

Hi everyone. So, I’m trying to do something I thought would be simple but can’t work it out.

What I’m trying to do is make a simple ‘cascade’ of information depending on what ‘blocks’ are clicked.

So when I click on “Block 1” in the first repeating group, I want to THEN display a second repeating group with “Block 1’s Children” in it.

When I click on one of those blocks (a child of Block 1) it should then show its own children in a 3rd repeating group.

I’ve tried using workflow like “when button clicked, change the list of blocks in repeating group 2” but can’t work out how to just make it use the data.

In the database, each Block has a title, content, children {a list of blocks}, and parents {a list of blocks}.

Basically it should go :

Click Block 1 in vertically scrolling RG → Show Block 1’s children in a second RG → Click one of the children → show the children of those blocks in a 3rd RG

Any ideas on where to start with this please!?

You’re correct in your assumption that this should be simple… it is… although there are a few ways to approcah it…

Perhaps the simplest way is just to use the Display List action… when a Block in RG 1 is clicked, display list in RG 2 (that list being the current cell’s thing’s list of child things)… and then do the same when a block in RG 2 is clicked (display list in RG 3, that list being the current cell’s thing’s list of child things)…

thank you I will check that out! I wasn’t sure if ‘display’ would load all the data for everything in the background before it was needed (i.e. if it was all loaded just ‘hidden’ on the frontend) - which I was trying to avoid but if that’s not how that works I’ll give it a shot thanks

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