Lock Down and Learn with @keith #lockdownandlearnwithkeith

Sorry to spam the forum with answers to what seem like older posts. What I’m doing is finally getting 'round to tagging threads and posts (where possible) that contain my amusing videos.

Here’s the deal: I’ve got TONS of hours of video content spread around here that’s all free, mostly awesome, often funny and that contains tons of cool tips for working with Bubble. ALSO, I would have killed for videos like these when I was just getting started with Bubble. All I wanted was to see some jackass actually using Bubble and doing stuff with the platform.

Well, I became that jackass that I had hoped for! So, going forward, I’m going to tag my video posts with this hashtag:


Just search that in the forum and you’ll find threads and posts with my videos. (I’ve tagged threads with my better/classic ones already). And here’s a handy link to that search.

Why now? Well, if – like me – you live in a place where officials have (quite wisely mind you) imposed “stay at home”, “shelter in place” or similar ordinances to limit contact between humans (a hugely important part of how we can beat this global pandemic), then YOU NEED ENTERTAINMENT.

Also, there’s only so many shitty movies on Netflix that you can rent before your brain runs out your ear. So, STAY HOME, put on your comfy clothes, wash your hands, stop hoarding toilet paper, and get down with my sexy edutaining videos. More coming and I’ll tag them all with #lockdownandlearnwithkeith.

(Public service/shameless self-promotion message: My “free” content is Karma-Ware - you can always show your support here.)

Bonus: I take requests, so let me know about topics you’d like to see me thrash on here in the comments! :point_down: