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Sign Up and Sign In Issues

Hello, I’ve been trying to fix this for a while now and it won’t work.

I’ve set every database correctly but the buttons wont show even tho the user is logged in or logged out.

Here’s a couple of pictures from the data and how it shows!

If anyone can help me it’ll be appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hi, you are trying to hide the pop up menu or to show it. I’m not sure I understand.

So i have the log in and log out button hidden.
I have it on “page is loaded” > “only when current user is logged in = “no” > show “sign up and log in button”

“Page is loaded” > “only when current user is logged in = “yes” > hide “sign up and log in button” > show “log out” button.

But that doesn’t work and its been couple of days since I’ve been trying to fix it!

Did you try to uncheck the “this element is visible on pageload” in design tab and move your conditions there ?

Its not the sign up and sign in pop up.

The button that i have set up, does not appear on the popup that i have for my menu.

Can you show me a screen of your button ? Are they in the same group ? because I had that issue before.

The Workflow or the popup itself?

My login and logout text are in the same space on the right of the screen but in the element tree you can see they’re not in the same group so they can have different conditions.

My logout conditions
the box visible on page load is uncheck

My login conditions
the box visible on pageload is checked

I can set my app to shareable so u can check it and tell me when ur done.

Sure i can try

U got discord so we can talk there?

no I don’t

U got anything where we can talk?

hey I think I can help you. You need conditionals. Here’s my discord acc: gio#2559

Added you!