Login error, after cloudflare switch

Recently after switching to cloudflare we’ve been getting a lot of errors. The newest error being on the wf action “login the user”
when checking to see if the user is logged in, i receive the following error, “This user is a user without an ID, created when no cookies were allowed.” - is anyone experiencing this? and/or know how to fix it?loginError_oct31

It’s likely due to the same thing I bumped into here:

TL;DR: roll back Cloudflare integration and things should go back to normal.

I was able to solve this by going into my browser settings and deleting cookies & local storage associated with my app… if you have any api request directed from your app… you need be initialized… i.e. POST yourappdomain.com reinitialized with the change POST www.yourappdomain.com


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