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Login Error - Cannot find user, Cannot add user

Hi! I’m newbee in Bubble. I have same issue Login Error, Cannot find user
I created simpe forms for Login and Signup. I uploaded users list from CSV. When I try to login, I get an error that the users email cannot be found. There is the user in the database.
There are no data roles assigned.

When I sign a user up, the account isn’t created in the database but user get access to own pages.

What I do wrong?

Double check that your comparing the live or development versions. Each has a different dataset and your users may not be in the live version or visa versa.

How can I upload users list to the live version app? How do you solved your issue with “Login error”?

I cant remember exactly what resolved it when I had that problem before. I do remember a time though when I had created a bunch of users on the development version of the app (from pressing preview), but the users weren’t created in my live version of the app (after I deployed an update and went to the live version of the app.

To see the difference in the data sets, go to the data tab and then click the app data (where you would have done the CSV upload) On the top right is a dropdown where you can select between viewing the live or development version (or deploy an update). Double check that the live version has the users that you uploaded by csv. If not you can do a csv upload to the live version.

I haven’t tried to upload a set of users with passwords and Im not sure it is possible. Normally the users have to go through the email verification pathway so that they set up their own passwords instead of uploading their passwords somehow. Anyone know if it is possible?

Thank you, Adam!