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We didn't find an account with those login credentials

I am get this error when I’m trying to login.

I have an entry for the user in my database. I don’t see why it would not login.

Is it because I’m on the free plan?

It worked when I tried Microsoft Edge. It’s most likely a cache issue with Google Chrome. :man_facepalming:

The same thing is happening to me. I can register new data, but I cannot read this data because the same message appears.

Did you find the answer to it? Did anyone? I tried it in Google Chrome, Safari and Opera browsers to no avail.

Same problem here when login from any browsers. we can’t login from any browser please give us solution bubble team

It does do the same thing to me because my password was only numbers. When I added text & numbers in the password I does work on Chrome on my side…

(edit) Sorry, it worked only once !