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We didn't find an account with those login credentials

I am get this error when I’m trying to login.

I have an entry for the user in my database. I don’t see why it would not login.

Is it because I’m on the free plan?

It worked when I tried Microsoft Edge. It’s most likely a cache issue with Google Chrome. :man_facepalming:

The same thing is happening to me. I can register new data, but I cannot read this data because the same message appears.

Did you find the answer to it? Did anyone? I tried it in Google Chrome, Safari and Opera browsers to no avail.

Same problem here when login from any browsers. we can’t login from any browser please give us solution bubble team

It does do the same thing to me because my password was only numbers. When I added text & numbers in the password I does work on Chrome on my side…

(edit) Sorry, it worked only once !

Hey guys,
I’m facing the same problem, changing the browser is also not working.
How did you guys fix it?
Please share it will help.

Hey @emmanuel it looks like a bug…it is happening a lot, I could identify in Chrome, not sure about other browsers…people try to login and keep getting the message " [We didn’t find an account with those login credentials""
they need to keep cleaning cache, or reseting password…

Same issue here…

Doesn’t work on Chrome or Safari. This isn’t a solution.

There has to be something we’re missing. Please help @bubble.trouble

Same here! Anybody have a solution?? It’s inviable to use


Same problem here.
Already tried in all browsers but no success.

Any solution yet?

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Im still getting this does anyone have a solution? I’ve tried other browsers?

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Also having issues with this. I have live clients who can’t login via firefox or internet explorer.

Hi All -

Sam here, with Bubble support. This error is a generic error that means the login credentials that were entered were not correct. If you believe that you were entering the correct credentials and are still receiving this error, please file a bug report. These errors can be a bit tricky to track down, as they are usually isolated to a single user or a few users, and in order to truly reproduce and confirm that correct credentials are being entered we’d need to access that users email account (which we obviously won’t ask for) . As a result, the investigations into these issues are generally somewhat time consuming, require some back and forth, and user cooperation for specific cases. Generally, our approach is to investigate our logs as well as your UI to see if we can confirm if anything unexpected is happening, and then go from there.

I can assure everyone that there is no widespread bug with user credentials occurring - if there were, we’d have received a lot more reports of this behavior than we have.

The best way to get help for ongoing issues you are having in your app is always to file a bug report.

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is there any follow ups regarding this concern?

Hi guys,

Have you tried to add these users with a form? I had the same problem and I’ve resolved creating a form to sign up these users that I’ve wanted to test. I think the system do not recognize data that is inserted manually.



@sam.morgan hello, sam! Is there any development or progress with the filed or reported bugs? from time to time, some users still complain about this issue. hope we can be updated. thank you!

We’ve been experiencing this same issue with one of our users. Turns out it’s a browser extension for 1 Password Beta. When they toggle it off, they’re able to log in without issues. When toggled on, they get “we didn’t find an account with those login credentials”. Hope this helps!

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