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Login for Quora Clone

We created a registered page for the Quora clone but I am unsure how to create the login page which is simple based on the videos out there for doing the basic login through the Bubble index page and with popups. It is just the workflow linking it to the registered page I am having issues with…thx

@scaffeoa I installed a free template the other day that includes all the workflows for login, register etc. Maybe you could install that (in a new project) and then copy how they have done the workflows. Jonas Contributor Profile | Bubble

cool - which template is that?

@scaffeoa the one I provided the link to. This one Jonas Contributor Profile | Bubble

thx ill check it out! :slight_smile:

No problem

dont know where the template went - I cant get access to it in the editor…says I own it though

Did you install it in a new project?

no…very new to bubble…i didnt

go it - thx!!!

Do that. Create a new project/app and as part of setup it will ask you if you want to start from a template and give you a list to select which template.

trying to login but its not working for some reason…

Using the new template?

yes…playing with it…ill get it some time…thx!!!

@scaffeoa My first guess would be this. Go to Data and then go to App Data and select the All Users table. Then change the email confirmed value from no to yes.

Basically the template workflow is setup such that the newly registered user has to confirm signup via an email link. So you need to fake that by doing the above.

Does that fix the issue?

ok i see it ill try and see

no working,the inputs are in for both the email and the password and it just is not going through to log the user in,when i go to the home page as my next step it does not log in the user

Not sure what’s wrong then. That template and the user login flow worked fine for me.

I’d go back to the original plan. Just use the template to study how they’ve done the workflows etc. then recreate them in your original app. Hopefully that way you’ll get a deeper understanding of the workflows and that will probably reveal the problem.

i apperciate ur help! not sure why its not working—ive tried everything…ill keep trying!

BTW - how do you know the user isn’t logged in? What behaviour are you expecting that tells you they are logged in?