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Hi Bubblers, sign-up/reset pass word/login/ form workflow

Is there anybody who has the sign-up/reset password/login/ workflow?
Thats one of the forms.
I could do the sign-up, but not the three-in-one form.
Any help?
Thanks in advance!!

Really the best way to get help on things like this is to try it out in the forum app.

So create a new page, add the signup, and then point us at it, we can then see what is happening. It is a lot quicker than you having to explain :slightly_smiling:

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Ok, thanks

I will try this out later! :wink:


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Great. The form should work fine, so let’s get it working for you.

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Hi Nigel,
below you can find my form screen.
Thanks in advance!
Great forum


A link to the editor would really help, if it is public ?

What are you having trouble with ?

Hi Nigel,
Sorry, here is the public link


I having trouble with the workflow ‘’ form: sign-up/login/reset password

You have to go to the pag ‘‘Aanmelden’’ that’s the sign-up page in Dutch :wink:

Cool, language lesson :slight_smile:

What do you want to happen when the user is logged on ?

I would like to send the user to the page, ‘‘kies_een taak’’

Ok, I have added a workflow that redirects to that page when the user is logged in.

I have also added a “Logout” action to that page, that logs the user out. Another workflow redirects to the login page if they are logged out (so if they happen to go to that page via url but are not logged in.

Is that how you saw it ?

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Hi Nigel,

It’s work very well…
I will try to change the sign-up interface.
I would like the user to see a login page first, and on that page put the sign-up button/link at the bottom.
I think that’s a ‘‘visible/not visible’’ action.

Thanks for helping out.
If i have any more questions regard developing, I will send a message.