Users can't log in after linking app to my own domain, even though user clearly exists

Here’s an interesting problem I can’t find discussed anywhere.

Yesterday I configured one of my Bubble apps for a custom domain I own. I updated the A entries at the registrar, waited for things to propagate, all seems well.


If I go to my app’s main page as an anonymous (unlogged-in) user, and attempt to log in as a known user, the app throws the browser-level error dialog “We didn’t find an account with those login credentials.”

BUT… if I go back into the editor, switch to Live mode, and look at my Users database, there’s the user. And if I select “Run as” that user, everything works fine.

So what gives??

Hey there @jsterling,

Is your password incorrect?

I don’t think so… Let me go through the forgot password workflow anyway and see if resetting it makes the issue go away.

I really thought Bubble threw a different error message for wrong password versus user not found??

There was a new Breaking Change deployed changing that behavior: [Breaking Change] Login Failure Messages

Yep, right you are. Well, I must have been too dumb to remember my password or something, as changing it made the problem go away. Thanks, johnny!

No problem!

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