Cannot choose Reset_pw in Redirect users who haven't changed their password


I’m setting up the following workflow for my app

Create new user > Send user info (email and temporary password) > After user login, redirect them to the reset password page.

I’m stuck at the step of choosing the page to redirect, I cannot find the reset_pw page in the dropdown. Is this a bug or does this require additional settings?


Thank you

Hi @phuongthao.phamdinh!

Bubble has a special action to send an email with a url to the reset_pw page and a unique token for that specific email address to reset a user’s password:


In that action if you do not want to send that email but rather use that token to redirect them yourself to the reset_pw page via a separate email action (or via an external transactional email provider like Sendgrid) … perhaps this video by @romanmg can illustrate much of that scenario > How to customize the reset password action in

The setting you are asking about deals with users who have not changed their password but you mention that you want to include within an action that creates a new user … ? :

Hope the above helps :+1:

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Hi @cmarchan

Thanks for your quick reply!

My apologize for not being clear enough. I don’t want to use the Send password reset email action either using email or token because the token is only valid for 24 hours.

I use the Assign a temp password to a user instead. This is what I find in the Reference of this action, Bubble also recommends using the redirect function

Update: I have found the solution for this here
It involves creating a new page with the action to Update the user's credentials, then redirect users to this page.

Though I’m still curious if the reset_pw page is available in the Redirect function.

Thank you


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