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I am creating a membership platform. I want to require that their first and last name be obtained when they register (not just email). I tried two things 1) I added the first/last name input fields to the registration page. I tried to then create a workflow to connect the input fields the “user” database. But the user database doesnt appear as an option, its not a database I can connect to. 2) I kept the first/last name inputs in the registration page. In the workflow I had the submit button transfer first/last name information into a new database I created called “summary”. However, when someone registers I cant seem to send their email to the summary database (in addition to the user database).

How can I ensure I get names of new users as part of registration? and how can i link those names to their email/unique user id?

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I hope I can give you a little bit of guidance on this. By the way, welcome to the Bubble Community!

On the signup workflow you can actually add more fields like firstName, lastName, etc. Check it out:

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This is so helpful, thank you @J805

My form doesn’t have an “=” sign. Only add, remove, set list, add list, remove list, clear list. Would I use add?

Try creating a new field and make sure it’s text.

Maybe you can share a screen shot so I can see why your data type is a list.

Also, as an alternative…

When saving the users first name and last name you can just save it to the current user on the original form. When the user signs up the current users info gets saved.

I hope that makes sense. :blush:

So in your User Data Type you would have a name like this, or even better, two fields; firstName and lastName.

@J805, thanks again!

I had it down as “lists of texts.” Once I changed that, the equal sign appeared.

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Awesome! Glad it worked. :blush:

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