Make in app version control

I’m pretty new to Bubble but is it possible to create an in app version control?

Fx is someone has changed something in a text field the other users of the organisation will be able to see what previous inputs to maintain a full history.

Hi there, @kim3… what you have described can be done, but it could get a bit “workflow-intensive” if you are trying to do it for every field in your app.

I’m sure there is more than one way to go about it, but I would probably create a data type called Audit Log (or something like that), and I would create new things (i.e., records) in that data type when fields I want to keep track of are changed.

The Audit Log data type could be as simple as this…


If we take a simple example where we are tracking a change to the current user’s name that is made via a field on the page called user name, the workflow step to create the audit log entry would look like this…


With this setup in place, you could use a repeating group to show the things in the Audit Log data type so users can see what changes are being made, who made the changes, and when they made them.

So, does any of that make sense? Hope it helps.


Hi Mike

Thanks for this, thats a great starting point and something for me to experiment with.

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