Long Term Project for Qualified Bubbler

We are looking for a Bubble developer to help build out features on our new Bubble-based platform. You can learn a bit about our company here: https://www.omeganotes.com/

Our current technology is based on a completely different tech stack. Bubble’s framework will be the foundation of a new product offering for customers in the cooperate space. The product is designed for knowledge management and collaboration. We have an existing MVP built and the Bubble developer in question will work directly with me to continue building out our feature set.

Compensation is commensurate based on the developer’s experience and established rate. Please provide this information to matthew.compton-clark@omeganotes.com in addition to a project portfolio.

The project will be long-term organized into weekly sprint cycles. We’re happy to set up a monthly retainer as part of the business relationship. I estimate around 10-20 hours a week. Our sprints are organized based on how much the developer feels can be accomplished given the number of allocated hours. We will consider part-time employment for the right candidate if that is of interest.

These are examples features we plan on incorporating:
-Video Conferencing within the content viewer and perhaps in other places as well
-Gamification based upon user activity
-Surveys and the associated reporting
-Knowledge card templates
-Docusign integration
-Teams Integration
-Slack Integration (in somewhat of a beta currently)
-AI generated tags
-Pull in news headlines as new cards
-An app using gonative.io

These are just a few ‘wish list’ features we have and is by no means a comprehensive list. I’ll send over access to our current Bubble MVP for official inquiries. Many thanks!

Hi Matthew,

pleased to meet you, my name is Jay. I’m with the MindForApps team.

I see you have an interesting project proposition, our team and I would like to get to know the details further.

We’ve been working with Bubble from the very beginning, developing different Admin Panels, Dashboards, CRM systems, Social media apps and other useful tools. We are always expanding and new inspiring concepts are what we are looking for right now. And we would be glad to help you with your Bubble project.

Let me know if you are interested and I will share some info about our approach, prices and the team.

Kind Regards,

Hi Matthew,

I suggest you post this for free to codemap.io - it’s a freelance marketplace we built just for no-code. All experts are vetted and we are strongly focusing on Bubble expertise. You can send requests, get proposals, and chat with Bubble experts in your own dashboard. Experts also showcase their portfolios so you know what they’ve built, and the whole platform is free for both experts and clients - there is ZERO commission.

You will have no problems finding experienced Bubble developers interested to work on your project there.

Feel free to PM me if you need help posting your job or if you need specific Bubble freelancer recommendations.



Hi Matthew,
All that you have described is well within my area of expertise and I would be happy to help you out on this.
You can reach me on andrewjohnson56782@gmail.com
Best Wishes and Have a great Sunday,